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Gayle bridges Company
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Phone: 501-321-1130 or 501-617-2584
Fax: 501-321-1470
Out to Out of Front Wheel Mounting Surfaces
The stock Mustang II shock has a short stroke of 2 5/8" which makes it very important to have the lower control arm level
ride height will reduce the compression stroke of the shocks and increase the likelihood of the shocks bottoming out.
Mustang II type shocks are available with 3.8", 4.2", & 5" stroke but they do require increasing the mount height. This can
be accomplished by lowering the bottom mount, raising the upper mount, or both depending on the vehicle.

Basic kits includes cross member, upper control arm/shock mounts and brackets for strut rods or control arm tubes
welded into cross member. You may use stock upper/lower control arms, strut rods, springs/shocks, spindles, rack &
rotors have 4 lugs. Normally 5 lug 9", 10.5" or 11" rotors with GM calipers and adaptors listed are used.

Select tubular or stock upper/lower control arms, tubular or stock strut rods ( strutless lower control arms eliminates the
strut rods), stock springs/shocks or coil over springs/shocks, spindles, manual or power rack & component price list or
use donor car. For a Better Ride lower spring rate is needed making Sway Bars even more important.

Refer to the following sheet for determining control arms, springs, & shocks then pick the kit from the Hub to Hub pricing
sheet. Kit with the stock upper & lower arms is the most economical but it does use strut rods and the upper arms are
larger near the inter fender and on some vehicles causes clearance problems. The coil-over kits with 10" springs
provides a better ride with 4" stroke shock in lieu of stock shock at 2.6" stroke plus the spring seat is adjustable making
the spring height and rate less critical. Stock springs may need to be cut or changed in order to position the lower control
arm in the desired leveled position. The coil-over kits with 12" or 14" springs provides an even better ride with the longer
spring and 4 1/2" stroke shock. The shocks with the adjustable compression / rebound allows the ride to be adjusted as

Rotor Size, 9", 10.5", 11", 12",13"& 14" Stud Pattern, Ford 4 1/2", Ford 5 1/2" ( 11" Only), GM 4 3/4", GM 5"
( 11" Only ) Manual or Power Rack & Pinion
Is the kit to include the Sway Bar, Brake line Hose Kit, Power Steering Pump with mounting Bracket & Hoses Kit?

10" SPRINGS WITH 4" STROKE SHOCKS 12" springs with 4" stroke shocks & 14" SPRINGS WITH 4 1/2" STROKE SHOCKS
Lowering the lower control arm mount for the coil-over 1" allows 10" springs & 4" stroke shocks to be used, lowering
mounts 1 3/4" allows 12" springs & 4" stroke shocks & lowering the mounts 2 1/2" allows 14" springs & 4 1/2" stroke
shocks to be used as compared to 8" springs normally used by other suppliers.

The Hub to Hub dimension (out to out of wheel mounting surfaces) needs to be taken into consideration when ordering
the conversion kit. When the distance inside the fenders is quite narrow, 5/8" narrowed upper & lower arms may be
needed. The upper & lower arms MUST match. If needed the Hub to Hub distance with 10.5" or 9" rotors is 1/2" more
narrow than 11" rotors. Normally yhe front Hub to Hub dimension needs to match the rear. The rear can be measured by
removing the rear wheels with the vehicle on stands, dropping a plumb bob from each wheel mounting surface and
measuring the distance between the tips of the plumb bob.